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Newsletter 4 – Fridays are Back

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*New* Online Class Booking System

Easy to use ! Book your space now online to ensure your attendance…classes fill quickly! You can book weeks in advance, please ensure you advise if you cant attend so someone else can come in your place

Kids and Family Yoga

Join us for our relaunch of Kids yoga…Starting Term 3 21st July 2014….please book online to secure you childs place…places are limited!


Kids yoga is an amazing way for kids to have fun whilst exploring the benefits of yoga in a creative way. Kids get to explore yoga poses whilst journeying to places like Africa, India, Antartica, magical faraway lands. During class they communicate, share and develop through team work, explore, exercise, focus on breath and relaxation, flexibility, strength and mobility.

Beach Yoga

Synergy yoga and pilates likes to make use of its nearby beaches and coastline, practicing yoga at the beach is a wonderful way to quieten your mind and connect with nature, body and mind. Join us for some therapeutic yoga practice by the sea.

Yoga Retreats

Enquire at Synergy about overseas retreats ‘relax and unwind’.

Yoga Timetable

View the updated timetable for Synergy Yoga & Pilates studio over the summer months, visit ‘Whats new’ and ‘Workshops’ tabs and see what we are offering in 2013.

How important is ‘your breath’?



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A Woman’s Lifeline


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What is the Difference Between Pilates and Yoga?

I get asked the question a lot!

So what is the difference between Pilates and Yoga. I will do my best to give you my understanding of their differences and similarities.
What Is Pilates?
Pilates was developed by a man called Joseph Pilates whilst he was a prisoner of war in a concentration camp. Joseph believed that mental and physical health are inter-related.

He also recognised that he and many other prisoners were in great need of developing strength and muscle from a physical aspect but also that the men were in great need of increasing feel good receptors and endorphins as they were in such a dire situation, lack of food, hygiene, exercise, health care.

Joseph Pilates used the hospital beds as tools for developing exercises that he and others could use to develop muscle strength and core strength whilst convalescing. Classical or traditional pilates makes use of equipment such as the ‘cadillac, barrel, trapeze, Wunder chair, reformer beds’ , mat pilates applies same principles but without the equipment.

It is equally as effective if exercises are done accurately and with precision and routine. Pilates is an effective method for those rehabiliting from injury, exercise can be targeted to strengthen specific area’s of concern.

Using isometric, concentric and eccentric techniques to fatigue muscles in order to develop this strength. Although Pilates does inevitably over time increase flexibility, its more focused on increasing and developing strength of muscles particularly through our core, correct posture, mobility.

Pilates is amazingly successful in assisting people to gain an overall body work out as well as developing lean muscle rather than ‘bulk’.
What Is Yoga?
Yoga is an ancient and philosophical practice/tradition that has been thought to date back  to around 3000BC, these the traditions Hinduism, Buddhism, [...]

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