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Book online yoga and pilates classes with Synergy Yoga and Pilates, Glenelg, Adelaide, South Australia today. Go to our online website, create your sign in and you’re free to book anytime anywhere. Download your free Mindbody App today for Android or iphone use. Please ensure that you cancel any classes you can no longer attend so that another Yogi can take your place.

Booking is easy, just click on the timetable and follow the prompts which will take you to Mindbody to set up your very own profile and registration. Once you have done this you can pay online for any of the available classes and choose which pass or payment options are best for you! Booking is even easier once you download your Mindbody App after initial registration, at a simple click of a button you can book your favourite classes each week or cancel out. All classes are listed on the timetable, pricing is listed under the price tab, download your timetable by a click of a button. Choose which class suits your needs, depending on your mood, energy levels and individual circumstances. Email us if you have any difficulty booking your classes. Bookings are essential to guarantee your space, as we are a boutique and smaller style studio, spaces to book fast.