Ayurveda Yoga 



 Ayurveda Yoga, and Other  Therapies 

Offers AYURVEDA, Yoga, Therapies that includes Thai Yoga Massage and Mindfulness as powerful ancient healing techniques, combining these modalities and healing systems into individualised yoga program that integrates balance for body, mind, spirit. Find out how to get your body/mind back into balance, make yoga and Ayurveda a way of life. An initial Ayurveda and Yoga Therapy assessment takes place, finding out what may be causing imbalances in your life. The consult includes the assessment, a written wellness plan and recommendations for implementing lifestyle practices to work specifically for you and your Dosha. To book your session please email Synergy today – Cost is $120 for 90 minutes consult and written report/assessment and wellness plan. Follow up is $70 for 60 minute session

One on one sessions are also available if you are coming back to Yoga after a period off the mat or recovering from injury or trauma. Monique will meet your needs to ensure that your practice is safe and functional, meaningful and allows you to connect back to body an breath. Monique has over 1200 hours in Yoga/Pilates and Mindfulness teacher training as well as qualifications in Cognitive Behavioural Therapies and Enquiry.

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