FAQ’s – What Will You Need?

What should I bring to the class?

Wear comfortable, stretchy clothing that moves easily with your body.  Wear layers to keep you cool during practice, and warm during study hours.  Bring, water bottle, a bath towel and preferably your own mat for hygienic reasons. We do have mats and blankets for new comers to use but it is always recommended to purchase your own mat. HOT CLASSES- YOU MUST BRING A SMALL TOWEL AND WATER. You should bring a completed copy of the registration form. If you cannot download here you may fill in one on arrival to class.


Who can practice Yoga/Pilates?

Yoga/Pilates is a practice that is accessible to generally fit participants of all ages and backgrounds.  For students with existing medical or musculoskeletal injuries medical clearance may be required.  Gentle flow is recommended for beginners, pre-natal participants and those that may be rehabilitating.

Do I need to be flexible?

Yoga and Pilates can be done by anyone, Yoga has been practiced for 1000’s of years, low impact, core strength for people all shapes/sizes and ages. Practicing Pilates/Yoga is very beneficial for you health/well being /mental health/ body structure.

How often should you come?

It is recommended that you practice 2-3 times a week. You will notice and feel the difference within 4 – 6 weeks.

Can you eat before class?

You should come to class with an empty stomach, practicing Yoga/Pilates on full stomach can be uncomfortable, attending a class atleast 1.5 hours after last meal is recommended.

Hot Yoga/Detox Core

Please ensure you hydrate atleast 1.5 hours prior to attending any Hot yoga classes to ensure hydration prior to attendance. If you are sick with the flu or have viral infection it is recommended you recover prior to re-commencing your practice. If you have any heart conditions or high blood pressure/low blood pressure please ensure you are cleared to practice Hot yoga prior to attendance.

Registration and class attendance/cancellations

Anyone wishing to join Synergy Yoga & Pilates must fill in and return the registration form prior to  attending any class, if you are new to Synergy, please ensure you come 20 minutes prior to class to register and pay, alternatively register your interest online and we will forward you registration forms via email. Classes cater for a smaller more intimate group. To avoid disappointment it is recommended you book online to secure you spot, alternatively if you are new you can register your interest prior to attending classes. Please ensure that if you can no longer attend your online booking that you cancel at least 6 hours prior. This will avoid cancellation fee’s. If you do not attend and continue to hold a space that may have been taken by another attendee you will be charged a cancellation fee. Please respect our community and the intimacy of our smaller space by booking ahead and cancelling ahead if you can no longer attend.

Studio Times and Opening Hours

Synergy Yoga & Pilates based in Glenelg East, Adelaide South Australia,  is open only during class times, your teacher will be at the premises 15 min’s prior class and will be there after class to answer any questions queries, register or enrol participants and arrange studio membership passes. The studio reserves the right to change the timetable in accordance with class attendance and popularity, all participants will be advised of changes in class or via the website.

The studio is closed on P/H and during Christmas Public Holidays/Easter. The studio may close occasionally for workshops, clients will be given plenty of notice in advance and will be allowed to use those days in lieu if they are on Intro passes, 10 x 20 session passes.