Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates


Pregnancy Yoga and Pilates classes for mums are a wonderful way to continue to move with mindfulness, strengthen pelvic floor muscles, stabilise and condition your body and move stagnation and tightness in joints Myofascia. This is the most precious time you will share with your baby whilst they are growing in your womb. We recommend attending Yoga Therapy classes and our Ongoing Beginners classes, Body sculpt (pilates) classes also provide great toning and strengthening benefits. Modifications will be provided throughout your pregnancy. Please ensure you discuss your requirements and your pregnancy with your teachers at SYP so that they may keep you safe and provide the best possible instructions throughout class. Pre-natal and Post natal classes provide guidance and instruction on meditation, mindfulness, breath work, strengthening perineum and inner core to help with natural birthing or recovery from C-Sections.  Steps and postures to assist you moving through birth with control and acknowledgement of your abilities to give birth. Focus on back care and health, mobility and strength to assist in preparation for birth through your term and labour. After the birth of your child your yoga journey continues, recovery with us at SYP once you have been cleared by your specialist or Dr can continue with us on the mat. Recovery after birth is important, SYP classes can assist you in coming back to post natal movement and practice.   Whether you are new to yoga, continuing your yoga and pilates or coming back to yoga and pilates we will endeavour to work with you and your individual needs so that you may feel well and strong during this special time of your life. Should you wish to a more intimate session one on one support sessions can be arranged as well, during these sessions Active birth and postural movement poses will be provided to assist you in your labour.