7th of March 2018 Breath Centred Yoga and Healthy Spines

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Co -Author of “Yoga Anatomy”.

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Yoga, Pilates, Yin and Breath Work – Whether you are new or have been exploring yoga for sometime this is a great course to provide clarity and answers to the ‘how and whys’ of Yoga and Pilates movement and practices.
Have you been wanting to try yoga or pilates for sometime but just don’t know where to start? Or perhaps you have been on the mat for awhile but have some burning questions about technique or various postures, how to move into them and how you may gain the most out of them for YOUR BODY?
This Foundations Course run over 4 weeks will assist you in feeling confident to step into a class and know that you are ready to move into your body and step out of your mind. Move with connection and care.
Karen Leo – Has over 15 years experience teacher students in various modalities her qualifications and certifications include:
• Yoga
• Yin Yoga
• Yin/Yang
• Polestar Pilates
• Booty Barre
• Karen is also a Cranio Sacral Therapist
Karen will provide you each week with an overview and foundations to be able to confidently move into any class on the time table that suits your needs.
Week 1
Yoga Foundations – You will be provided with key foundations of yoga posture and yoga sequences that are practiced regularly throughout flow classes. Poses such as Down Dog, plank, Up dog, Powerful pose, the warrior family and Triangle. Understanding the essence of each pose, what is required to activate the bio-mechanics of the body, such as muscles, how to find your own unique alignment that suits your skeletal bodies needs and how to activate, strengthen and stabilise in your pose.
Week 2
Pilates Foundations – Providing skills and techniques that are current in terms of how to find your T zone, activating core when moving into postures and what your Core muscles are comprised of in your body. How to work from centre outwards and how to build confidence in your pilates session. Understanding key facts of building strength and endurance, stability and mobility. Principles of fatigue and load. Pilates poses that are commonly seen during sessions.
Week 3
Yin Foundations – If you have never attended a Yin class before this is a great way to learn all about “Yin” like poses. Yin is working with plastic aspects of the body, the connective tissues so the intention is different to the above yang style poses that often have a more predominant focus on building strength and endurance. Yin poses are held typically for a longer time, they are grounding poses which carry an edge but not to the point of ‘risky’ sensations. Finding your edge with ease and without struggle in Yin is really important, to know how to sit with the physical body and the intellectual body is imperative to get the most out of your yin class.
Week 4
The Breath – Known as Pranayama
Connecting with your breath you would think is ‘easy’, we do it every day right? Hmm perhaps but we do so usually without much conscious awareness. Pranayama is an ancient practice that allows us to re-energise and to re-store the energetic body in ways that have many profound benefits. Pranayama or Breath awareness assists in slowing down the central nervous systems fight or flight stress responses, the andrenal glands and cortisol in our bodies. We can use the breath to heighten sensations or to increase balance in the body. We can use the breath to connect back to our physical bodies and assist us in coming out of our thought (minds) by focusing and absorbing into the act of ‘breathing with awareness’. This is a great tool and skill to bring off the mat into your day to day life

The course begins Oct 5th and concludes Oct 26th
Investment is $120 pp (members $100)
Course 7:15-8:30pm



 A time to release control and simply surrender to this moment…”The Universe is within us all” Full moons direct our attention inwards; being in touch with your own needs and intentions, emotional adjustments and balancing mind, body and soul. Stephanie will lead you through a talk about the amazing powers of essential oils, followed by a YIn/Yang Flow, incorporating Pranayama, intention setting, candlelight and ending with Yoga Nidra. Let us Flow + Balance Movement with stillness. Doing and not doing, Effort and ease.
Crystals (optional)
IF you would like to bring along some crystals, please cleanse them. The easiest way to do so if by placing them under the FULL MOON on the night before (Thursday 5th Oct). Props are provided but if you wish you can bring your own pillow and blanket for the Yoga Nidra (optional)
Investment $30
Friday 6th

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