Yoga & Mindfulness for dealing with Stress and Trauma

June 25th from 10am till 1pm

$65 includes handouts and yummy assortments of tea and cake
An essential workshop for those that are working with Trauma sensitive clients/students such as frontline workers, yoga and or movement/manual therapist workers.

During the 3 hour workshop, we will explore the science behind the body’s stress response and develop a yoga practice to cope with symptoms of anxiety, stress and trauma.

This session will include a brief overview of neuroplasticity and the brain’s capacity to change in response to intrinsic and extrinsic stimuli. It will include information on brain’s immediate response to stress and the lasting effects it can have on the body; and therefore the importance of self-care.

Following this, we will discuss the benefits of yoga to improve cognitive functioning, citing a number of published neuro-scientific studies which acknowledge the ways in which yoga and movement-based therapies support healing.

Together, we will move into an experiential component; a trauma-sensitive yoga and mindfulness practice. These modified postures and breathing techniques have been adapted specifically for individuals with a complex trauma history, and for others managing stress in their everyday lives.

You will also be provided with tools to effectively develop your own self-practice to cope with symptoms of anxiety, stress and trauma. *Beginner levels welcome.

Please click on this link to book and reserve your place. Places limited **

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30th July, 2017

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