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May 4-15 2018 – 300 Hr Vinyasa Flow Nationally and Internationally Recognised Yoga  TeacherTraining

Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training

May 4 2018 @ 8:00 amMay 15 2018 @ 4:30 pm – 12 day Intensive + Online studies

Sports SA, Military Road
West Beach, South Australia 5024 Australia
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Over the past 12 years Yoga Trinity has completed over 30 successful Yoga Teacher Training programs and continues to support over 500 yoga teachers in their ongoing study, practice, and teaching. Our program continues to evolve and grow, and we look forward to continuing to share a comprehensive and inspiring program in both part-time and full-time intensives with yogis of all ages and backgrounds. I hope you will join us!
Note: In 2018 we are upgrading our syllabus to include more hours of study, more Online Study, more resources and material, and more flexible study options.
The Trinity Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training Level 1 program is designed to immerse you in your yoga practice and maximize your opportunity for growth, wellbeing, education, and support as you embark on the journey to become a Registered Yoga Teacher

Study Modules
With our flexible study options, you can undertake your training at a pace that is right for you. Study modules are offered in Canberra and Adelaide. Upon completion of your face-to-face intensives, online and distance study, and a written and practical assessment you will have completed the Level 1 Training Certificate and can teach yoga professionally in Australia and internationally as a Registered Yoga Teacher.
Module 1
Daily Vinyasa Flow Guided Practice
Discussions and workshops include  Foundations of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Teaching Skills, Making Yoga Accessible
Movement Labs and Practicum include:  Pose by Pose study of the full Vinyasa Flow sequence
Yoga Pose Labs on modifications, variations, regression and progressions
Practice teaching each pose, and each pose flow
Module 2
Daily Vinyasa Flow Guided Practice
Discussions and workshops include: Where is Yoga At, Anatomy for Vinyasa Flow, Sequencing and Theming, Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics, The Role of the Teacher.
Movement Labs and Practicum include: Props and Tools, Anatomy and Movement Labs,  Energetic Anatomy exploration.
Practice teaching Vinyasa Flow
Online Study Includes:
Personal Practice Log
Yoga Philosophy in Daily Life Online Study
Essential Reading
Research and Writing Assignments
Business Basics Online Study
Anatomy Basics Online Study
Private Mentoring
Plus, participation in ongoing teacher’s forums on philosophy, anatomy, and teaching skills
Assessment & Completion
Completion of face-to-face intensives (Two 6-day modules) and online study module
Written assessment, completed online
Practical assessment, filming a private or small-group teaching session


 Vinyasa Flow Immersion  – REGISTER

May 4TH – 9th 2018 @ 8:00 am4:30 pm – 6 day Intensive (150 hrs) for Teachers who have min 200 hr certificate

Sports SA, Military Road
West Beach, South Australia 5024 Australia
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Note: this program has been updated to reflect our new 150-hour syllabus
This 10-day, 150-hour continuing education program is designed for yoga teachers from any background, style or lineage who wish to study, practice, and learn to teach Vinyasa Flow. The course includes a 6-day intensive, plus self-paced Online Study available upon registration. You will be provided with all the resources, materials, and support you need as you explore the foundations of theory and practice, enhance your own personal practice, and develop the skills and techniques essential to leading a safe, effective, and inspiring Vinyasa Flow class.
This program is run concurrently with our Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training program.

Program Overview:
Module 1, 10-Days, 75 hours of face-to-face training
Daily Vinyasa Flow Guided Practice
Discussions and workshops include Foundations of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Teaching Skills, etc
Movement Labs and Practicum include: Pose by Pose study of the full Vinyasa Flow sequence
Yoga Pose Labs on modifications, props, variations, regression and progressions
Anatomy for Yoga
Practice teaching each pose, and each pose flow
Online Study, self-paced learning, begin as soon as you register.
Personal Practice Log, 15 hours
Yoga Philosophy in Daily Life Online Study, 25 hours
Reading & Writing Assignment – Yoga Sutras, 5 hours
Research and Writing Assignment – Benefits of Yoga, 5 hours
Ayurveda Basics Online Study, 4 hours
Mind Body Meditation Online Study, 10 hours
Asana Study Assignment, 20 hours
Practice Teaching, 10 hours
Private Mentoring, 4.5 hours
Plus, participation in ongoing teacher’s forums on philosophy, anatomy, and teaching skills
Assessment & Completion: Written assessment, completed online
Aims and Outcomes
It is our aim that when you complete this program you will be able to clearly demonstrate each technique, guide the participant safely through a balanced sequence of postures, and instruct simple breathing exercises. As well, we encourage each Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher in demonstrating the philosophies and ethics of yoga in their practice, personal and professional interactions.
Course Details:  Mar 16-25, 2018 8:00-4:30, Sports SA, Military Road, West Beach, SA
Professional Development Credits: Yoga Australia, Yoga Alliance
Read full details, policies and terms and additional dates/locations for Vinyasa Flow Immersion
Learn more about the facilitator Heather Agnew
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Vinyasa Flow Foundations – 2 Day Taster Adelaide

May 4 @ 8:00 am – May 5 @ 4:30 pm – For those that want a try first

Want to have a ‘taste’ of Yoga Teacher Training to see if it’s for you?
This 2-day module of our Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher Training is offered as a stand-alone program for students wishing to have a ‘taste’ of Vinyasa Flow and the teacher training journey. Open to anyone interested in deepening their yoga studies and practice, or yoga teachers from other styles wishing to begin to explore Vinyasa Flow Yoga.
This 2-day, 42-hour module of study includes:
Face-to-Face Study:
Guided Practice: Daily Vinyasa Flow Yoga Class
Discussions: Foundations of Vinyasa Flow Philosophy, 5 Core Concepts, Branches and Limbs of Yoga
Pose by Pose Study: Warm Ups, Sun Salutations, and Standing Poses
Practice Teaching: Partner teaching practice
Online Study
10-week Yoga Philosophy Foundations Online Journalling Study
Cost: $500
Should you ever wish to continue on in your Yoga Teacher Training journey, you can build on the foundation of what you have learned during this course. If you wish to continue on with Yoga Trinity Yoga Teacher Training, you can join the full 300-hour program at any time, and subtract the cost of this Foundations module from your full YTT course.
What is Included in Your Program?
Trinity Vinyasa Flow Teacher Training Workbook
2-Days of Face to Face Study
Trinity Vinyasa Flow Live Class video (75 minutes)
Trinity Vinyasa Flow Pose by Pose video (44 techniques)
Yoga Philosophy Foundations – 10 Week Online Journalling program
Frequently Asked Questions
Who Can Study Vinyasa Flow Foundations?
Generally fit participants of all ages and backgrounds who wish to explore yoga philosophy, practice, and technique, and who wish to begin to learn more about the journey of yoga teaching.
Can I teach yoga after this program?
In order to teach professionally you would need to complete our full 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training. After completion of this Taster, you are welcome to continue on with our full YTT program at any time.
How do I register? Register Now
You can register online at Yoga Trinity, or contact for a registration pack and full details on this program. Please note that there are limited places available in the Foundations Module.
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